Why SAPHIRE CRUISE not a classical Performance-Cruiser is:

18 Jul 21:00

Most of the sailors just like to sail without efforts and enjoy the moments, possibly being faster than their neighbours. For this, their boat should be safe and provide a lot of space for the crew. CRUISE stands as a synonym for fun in connection with Saphire. SAPHIRE CRUISE is not an ordinary performance-cruiser as per general understanding, but an overaverge fast boat that provides a lot of fun and space to spend some days on board. The focus is clear on sailing and still: the interiors of the CRUISE version are nicely finished. No visible screws and a cosy but modern atmosphere. Four fixed berth and space for a toilet or even a separation wall for more privacy if so desired.

The picture below shows the hull liner plug in procution out of one piece to provide a perfect finish including keel trunk and fixed front berth.

Safety and fun are focus

Not only will the CRUISE version receive more ballast but also an adequate sail area for cruising to achieve CE category B for offshore sailing - also single handed! The cockpit provides space for additional winches to sail on one's own if so desired. But this is not all: lifelines around the boat, a bulwark around the boat for best grip to feel safe also when the boat is heeling. The ergonomy in the cockpit is unparalleled! The sitting positions are perfect in every heel angle and one does not step on the other's feet when sailing or manoeuvring. And obviously, all sheets and halyards are led into the cockpit: hoist your gennaker directly from behind!

Storage space everywhere

Under the cockpit floor there is a huge storage space for all kind of accessories and covers, fenders, sheets and many more things to keep the interior clean and empty to spend some nights on board. Of course, this space is not at the very transom of the boat but in the front of the cockpit to have a good weight distribution when sailing. Also, you will find plenty of storage space inside the boat below all the four berth and in the cockpit lockers. The outboard engine is being installed at the transom or you use the electric POD engine from Torqeedo under the hull - nothing inside the boat.

SPORT vs. CRUISE-version

The SPORT version distinguishes technically in many aspects: Carbon mast and boom without aftstay, square top membrane mainsail and jib, mainsheet traveller with tuning system, hull and deck produced under vaccuum infusion with sandwich core and postcured in the ofen, engine well for the outboard under the cockpit floor and a performance keel with America's Cup technology all included in the base price of the SPORT version. Accessories like the Carbon mast with the square top mainsail, the performance keel or the mainsheet traveller system can of course be ordered separately also for the CRUISE version. A big variety of equipments you will find on both boats: vast and almost identical deck equpipment, Bartels endless jib furler, central lifting system with strap, cleats and a rigid vang system to make sure when sailing everything works easy and smoothly. And both versions can be towed easily behind the car. The CRUISE version uses a one spreader aluminium mast with aftstay and classical pin main sail to fulfil the expectations of the sporty cruising sailors. The SPORT version addresses to more ambitous sailors who want to get the very best performance out of their boat and still want to share their passion with the family.

High-end vs. state of the art technology

Should you now have the impression, the CRUISE version is not comparable with other Performance-Cruiser, you are right and wrong at the same time: form the sailing point of view, she provides much more while from the technical side she corresponds to the nowadays common building technologies on the market: wet hand layup and Vinylester resin with PVC sandwich core for hull and deck guarantee a rigid boat with a long lifespan. This process is more simple than the infusion process of the SPORT version but corresponds to today's commen building technology for modern yachts. More information about the building technologies you can find on our website and of course you can also configurate your CRUISE version on our configurator on the web by yourself