Saphire Customer Coaching with Oliver Ochse on lake Lucerne

31 May 16:34

Wilhelm Tell's Sailing Area!

Like every year SAPHIRE AG organizes a coaching for their customers in different areas. 2014 and 2015 the training was held on lake Garda with Alar Volmer and Luca Modena as coaches between Gorla and Centomiglia races. Before and after the coaching, the boats would sail the races. Last year, the training was coached by Etienne David between Genève-Rolle-Genève and Bol d'Or Mirabaud and all boats were granted "les places d'honneur" from the Société Nautique de Genève. At Bol d'Or Mirabaud, five international teams would sail against each other on the Saphire boats (Kekzalag, Bel Ille, Barcolana, Centomiglia and Bol d'Or Mirabaud):

This year, the coaching was held in the heart of Switzerland. The location in Brunnen on lake Lucerne was not as prestigious than at "la Société" but very beautiful due to its setting in the best termic area of Switzerland: the Urnersee!

7 teams participated, 2 of them from Germany

Target this time was not a race training but mostly for new Saphire owners to learn about trim, manoeuvres and handling of the boat. Oliver Ochse was hired as a coach: Oliver has been working as a sail adviser and coach for more than 20 years on Mallorca and is very experienced especially in terms of didactics and methods. As such, we could take advantage from a really professional training as you can easily see on the video:

Duck Drive - Entenfahrt

The trainings would start every day as a warm up with the *duck drive" or Entenfahrt in German where Oliver would lead with the RIB and all boats would follow one after another. This exercise is very good to control one's own boat in a team. Accelerate and slow down under sail. Pull the jib, push the mainsail boom against the wind and adjust your speed to the speed of the main duck...

Gennaker handling

The biggest attention was given to the handling of the gennaker: hoisting, dropping, jibing in different wind conditions. Target was to do at least 20 jibes downwind the lake and the proof that it was done was delivered by Sinopé:

It is easy to recognise that Sinopé has done her homework! Why? Well, because a woman was helming the boat;-)

Mainsail and Jib trim

Another important topic was the trimming of the sails, namely the jib and the mainsail. Oliver explained everything about jib trimming and Michael about the mainsail trim, especially the difference between the classical pin head main and the new square top main. If you are interested to learn more about, you may just read the blog "Kopfsache" on the German blog on this website.

Sailing school Alago

Two boats were sailing with on board coaches to improve skills of their teams directly on bord, but also following the program. One of the boats was skippered by Thomas Meseck, owner of the Alago sailing school - the first one with Saphire boats:

The other boat was coached by Danny Gut, my main crewmate who sailed many races with me like for instance Round Helgoland, Bohus Racet, Faerder (picture), Barcolana, Centomiglia, Bol d'Or and also the Silver Rudder in 2014 on Serafina II.

Starting procedures and racing

To gain control over the boat, starting excerises are always among the favourits. We did 10 starts with a three minutes preparation time to gain control of the boat and that excercise was well done on the last day by all the crews!

The final ranking included all kind of happenings like gennaker wash, first broach, nicest broach, best starts, best coffee on board and also the race result. The winners are Onda with the youth team and Sinopé from Germany - congratulations!

It's more than sailing - its a livestyle!

After four days of intense sailing and enjoying live all the participants went home - tired but seemingly happy! Thank you all for coming and sailing in one of the most stunning lakes in Europe!

Video take by Martin Kubias